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P1 Athlete
Empowering Professional Athletes Through Property-Based Investing

Designed for Athletes

P1 Athlete is a bespoke investment solution for professional sports people looking to grow their capital to secure a financial legacy for later in life. As no two athletes are the same investments are tailored to each individual's own specific set of circumstances. 


Unlocking the Winning Formula for Financial Success

Welcome to the future of intelligent investments tailored exclusively for the world's most exceptional athletes - P1 Athlete Capital.

As the champions of athleticism inspire us with their extraordinary talents, we, in turn, seek to support their financial victories through a groundbreaking investment product like no other.

The Gateway to Financial Empowerment

P1 Athlete Capital is a revolutionary property-based lending investment designed with the specific needs and aspirations of professional athletes in mind. We understand that a career in sports demands unwavering dedication, unyielding commitment, and a relentless drive for excellence. That's why we have crafted a financial solution that echoes the same level of ambition and determination that define athletes' careers.

What we offer


Flexible investment aligned with players contractual agreements. 


Invested capital is secured on UK property assets, ensuring all the benefits without the hassle of managing properties.


Strong risk-adjusted returns on your invested capital.


Funds diversified over an extensive range of UK property.


Simple and straight forwards investment process, with no fees to enter, manage or exit your investment.

Our Proven Strategy

Demand for UK short-term lending in the property market is strong and historically funding has been met by traditional banks, supported by alternative lenders. Specialist alternative lenders like P1 Capital have a simple and robust lending process, reaching decisions within days, thus enabling borrowers to proceed quickly and capitalise on financially sound opportunities with good margins.

What sets
P1 Athlete apart?


Your Journey to Long Term Financial Success Begins Here

With P1 Athlete Capital, professional athletes can take charge of their financial future like never before. We believe that our investment product is not just a means to grow wealth, but a catalyst for empowering athletes to seize opportunities both on and off the field.

Join us on this exhilarating journey towards financial triumph and witness the strength of your athleticism complemented by the power of astute investing. Experience P1 Athlete Capital - the investment that understands and celebrates your passion for excellence. Together, let's embrace a future of prosperity and conquer new heights in your career and beyond.

How we work.


The key to our success is lending
mezzanine finance to experienced
developers with a proven track record
of delivery within a defined criteria.


Borrowers are primarily business
owners and professional property
developers, and all loans are
secured over property and commercial assets.


Property lending will generally be in
areas with a sustainable property
market where there is a fundamental
demand for housing. This is currently in and around the South East, or areas close to other major
cities throughout England.


In the current climate we are highly
cautious on £2 million+ / trophy homes, or property hotspots that are not supported by our fundamental
investment principles.


We typically invest in developments
with a total sales value of £2 million to £15 million.


We work with other experienced
lenders, investing primarily in the  £2 million to £15 million residential development sector.


Developers in £2 million to £15 million
transactions are highly professional,
with significant assets and experience, but their development money is often tied up in other projects.


Projects of this size can accommodate the best professional advisers and will often give corporate and personal guarantees.


Margins for these developers are
typically higher than those of a small
developer, meaning that there is
greater protection in the project in the
event of a housing market crash.


The liquidity in this end of the market is higher, meaning properties sell quicker.


Market conditions do change over time, and we are
committed to remaining flexible and open to lending
opportunities which present significant risk-adjusted returns.

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